Looking for that special something extra that will make you event an absolute success?

Would you like your guests to remember your event and talk about for a long time afterwards?

Ready to find out why Courtney Kolb is the one your looking for?

"Courtney was professional in his appearance and demeanor. He was very approachable and within a short period of time he had a line of people waiting to have their palms read! Many of our members have requested that we bring him back for other parties, and they are also planning to have him attend their own events! I would not hesitate to recommend Courtney Kolb for any event, big or small." Robin Lemmon 

I have been an intuitive since he was a young boy. I have also lead another life as an entertainer. In the tradition the great "Black Hermann" in the 1930's Courtney performs and enjoys magic and entertaining as well as giving readings.

So why is that important to you?

Well, I know what it means to be professional and to make a presentation entertaining. Of course you can go find a psychic to tell fortunes or even talk on stage, but will they be engaging? Will they be memorable? Will they even be professional and show up clean and on time, rehearsed and ready to go? Some will, some won't.

"Everybody has rave reviews for your show! Thanks so much!" MT 

I will, and more.

I offer several programs for events and I am always ready and willing to customize something special for you! Here are some of the most popular programs:


My mind reading show "Intuitions" is perfect as a stand alone show, or as the first half of the evening before the hypnosis show. I wil perform entertaining and engaging ESP/mind-reading demonstrations as well perfoming intuitive readings from the stage; using tarot cards, crystal balls or direct clairvoyance I will answer questions from the audience that have only been thought of! Perfect for groups of any size, no one will ever forget "Intuitions." 


Palm reading, tarot cards, aura portraits; I can even bring a themed style of reading for themed events (how about rose or lipstick readings for valentines day or spooky readings for Halloween?). I can set up a table and read for anyone and everyone. Perfect for any size group, alone or after a mind-reading show.


The title tells it all, have them both. After seeing a show, everyone wants a reading. An excellent event guaranteed!

"Everybody has rave reviews for your show! Thanks so much!" MT 

Call today at: (510) 220-0189
or e-mail me at: courtney@myintuitionist.com

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