Private Services

Intuitive/Psychic Readings

I am a skilled intuitive reader who uses my inner senses, clairvoyance and spirit guides as well as the more traditional methods of Tarot, Numerology, Sortilege and more offer help and insight into your own personalities and life circumstances.

Readings are available by phone or in person in Berkeley either in you own home or in one of the many local coffee shops. I am available to travel at an additional fee.

Courtney Kolb is a highly skilled and authentic practitioner. He uses his knowledge, talents and generosity as a powerful healer in service to his clients. I have personally greatly benefitted from my work with Courtneywho has helped me become aware of and to use my strengths and innate abilities to refine perspective and discover untapped possibilities.
-Kimberly Satterfield

Courtney is a powerful intuitive who uses his gifts to offer grounded spiritual direction. He conducts his readings in a supportive, thoughtful and clear manner that always leaves me feeling ready for what is next.
-Kelley Abraham

Past Life Regression & Hypnosis for Psychic Development

Using his training as a certified hypnotherapist I offers Past life regressions as well other hypnotic psychic development sessions.

Past life regressions are powerful. For many they may bring new insights to their current life situation, new inspirations and may even help overcome the fear of death.

Hypnosis is also the ideal tool to quickly learn astral projection, heighten ones intuition and clairvoyance, meet spirit guides and power animals, heighten healing experience higher states of consciousness and more.

Hypnotic sessions last approximately 1 hour.
Call today at: (510) 220-0189
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